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We designed to the site to be as user-friendly as possible since the topic of health insurance and subsidies is already complicated enough.  There are three main components to focus on:  Understanding how the Subsidy Works,  Health Subsidy Estimates and Actual Quotes, and Detailed Information by individual Topic.

A general guideline to how the health subsidy will work.  We recommend a quick read of Understand the Health Subsidy for a basic understanding of eligibility, how it works, and so on.  This is a great place to start.  The next step is time specific.

Prior to October 1st, 2013

You can use our Health Subsidy Calculator to estimate what you can expect to pay for premiums and what you can expect in terms of subsidy if you are eligible.

October 1st, 2013 and after

You will then be able to run actual health insurance quotes through our Health Quote page with Subsidy that automatically calculates subsidy amounts based on income data entry and actually quotes real health plans available in the Exchange (the only place where subsidies are available).  If you do not qualify for a subsidy, this same quote page will show you plans in and outside the Exchange.  You can read up on the benefits in and out of the Exchange if you do not qualify for a Subsidy.

Finally, we want to hit all the important aspects surrounding health subsidies and some more general changes resulting from Health Reform.  We will continue to add articles to provide more detail on various aspects and these articles will be available through our Health Subsidy Update page.

We have cross-linked the various pages as applicable so you can quickly jump to a topic you are interested in so that people can zero in on the questions they want answered regarding health subsidies.  Of course, we welcome your feedback on how to improve the website for your use with the ultimate goal being to maximize the health subsidy that you are eligible for!  Thanks and good hunting!


Los Angeles, Family of 4
making $60K.

Iowa, Single Adult making $30K

*Based on age, expected costs, and other assumptions according to Kaiser Calculator.  Actual subsidies will vary and official subsidy amounts will be available Oct 1st, 2013. 

Health Subsidy Calculator



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