About HealthSubsidy.net?

Our Mission at HealthSubsidy.net

Simply said, HealthSubsidy.net is the one site online dedicated to helping you get the most health insurance subsidy possible.  Our service is free but the guidance on our site is invaluable as it reflects where 100's of billions of dollars will flow EACH YEAR.  We are talking about $1000's of dollars for individuals and family in a year's time.  Real money.  The whole concept of health subsidies is also really new to everyone and we felt it was important to break down the ACA bill (with 10's of thousands of pages...none of them easy or fun to read) into real steps you can take to offset the expect jump in health insurance premiums for individuals and families.  That's our mission...so who are we and how do we pay for the site and the continual update?

Who we are?

We are licensed health insurance professionals who wanted to take our knowledge of the coming changes out to the general public in one nationwide forum - HealthSubsidy.net.  We literally get updates on a daily basis regarding the Health Reform bill and this includes the health care subsidy side of it.  There's no way the average public can keep up with it...it's hard enough for us and we're inundated in the transition plus we have two decades of experience in the health insurance market.  Even with that background, the changes and rules can be confusing.  The public needed an advocate to help them navigate the changes to their advantage.  We wanted simple language on a site getting to the heart of how people can benefit for the health subsidy.  Hopefully, we've provided this for you.

How we finance this health subsidy portal

In order to finance the development and ongoing updating of HealthSubsidy.net, we partnered with the absolute dominant online health insurance portals on the internet such as eHealthinsurance.com which practically created the ability to quote and enroll in health insurance at the best possible rate.  Through the quote page, you can compare health insurance plans side by side from the strongest carriers and you cannot find a lower rate than what they show.  They are also best positioned to provide access to quoting both Health Exchange plans (with subsidy calculation built into the quote) and non-Exchange plans for those who do not qualify for a health subsidy or who want non-Exchange plans due to other benefits (such as expanded provider networks).  We wanted the best and we found them.  There is no application fee to you and they provide a money back guarantee for any reason within your State's allowed Free Look Window.   We required this in order to partner with them.   This allows us to focus on the information and rules for our visitors so they can really wrap their heads around the new changes coming their way.  Information truly is power now...and quite a bit of money if you qualify for a health subsidy.

Contact Us and let us know how we can get better

Please feel free to email us with any questions at help@healthsubsidy.net and let us know how we can better help you, our visitor get the most health subsidy available.  Thanks and welcome to HealthSubsidy.net!


Los Angeles, Family of 4
making $60K.

Iowa, Single Adult making $30K

*Based on age, expected costs, and other assumptions according to Kaiser Calculator.  Actual subsidies will vary and official subsidy amounts will be available Oct 1st, 2013. 

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